Arizona Marijuana Extracts Hashish

The Arizona Dispensaries Association( ADA )has formed a legal defense fund to”protect the medical marijuana clients and dispensaries in Arizona “from the Arizona Court of Appeals’ June 26 judgment concerning the illegality of medical marijuana extracts. This is a declaration released by the ADA on July 2: On Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, in State v. Jones, verified a conviction of a medical cannabis patient in belongings of”hashish “”under the circumstances provided”because case. Due to the possible implications to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act(AMMA), the Arizona Dispensaries Association(ADA)is moving quick to clarify this legal matter. In reaction, the ADA has formed the Legal Defense Subcommittee and the Legal Defense Fund. The function of this committee is to protect the medical marijuana clients and dispensaries in Arizona. The ADA is speaking with legal counsel to represent the entire medical cannabis market on this matter and to correct this issue once and for all. The ADA Board and the newly formed Legal Defense

Subcommittee are working together with other Arizona based marijuana organizations to address this concern in a unified way. We intend to clarify the dispute in the Arizona criminal code for the Arizona medical cannabis community. With this statement, the ADA and the other companies wish to curb the reports and false information dispersing throughout the Arizona patient population and industry. In addition, the Arizona Department of Health Services

(the regulatory body supervising the AMMA) has actually verified through an official declaration that the judgment does not appear to affect the medical marijuana program, consisting of medical marijuana ready and sold through dispensaries in Arizona. If the ADA gets any info from ADHS that is contrary to the foregoing, we will take the proper action immediately. Together we will work to remedy this recent judgment and guarantee Arizona clients continue to have lawful access to their medicine. If you wish to add to the Legal Defense Fund and find out about the various subscription alternatives within the Arizona Dispensaries Association, please contact [email protected] for more information. Share this story: GET ACCESS! Success!