The One Reason That Arizonans Should Vote to Legalize Cannabis

October 15, 2019 by erfa5t8

AZ Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative

 AZ Marijuana Legalization Tally Effort In other words, Arizonans need to vote to legalize adult-use (leisure) cannabis by means of the 2020 Smart & Safe Arizona Act ballot initiative due to the fact that it will legalize cannabis.

All other elements of the initiative are essentially unimportant because the most important thing, by far, is that cannabis gets legalized. If the effort stops working, marijuana belongings and usage will stay a felony in Arizona( unless you’re a legitimate medical marijuana client).

Ask yourself: Do I desire marijuana to be legal in Arizona? If yes, then vote yes, and forget the “fine print” in the initiative (i.e., who gets to grow or offer marijuana, where marijuana can be taken in, etc) and focus just on the most important aspect: it will legislate leisure marijuana usage in Arizona. Period.

Arizonans need to unite, support and vote for the Smart & Safe Arizona Act because, if they do not, they will see another failed attempt at cannabis legalization, much like in 2016, which will keep cannabis belongings and use a felony in the state.

Unify and vote “yes” in 2020.



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