Item 9 Labs Concentrates

 Item 9 Labs Concentrates Product 9 Labs, headquartered in Southern Arizona, was ranked among the fastest growing Arizona cannabis concentrate brands according to industry data by BDS Analytics. The current information report reveals that Product 9 Labs increased its marijuana concentrate sales by 234% in Q4 compared to Q1 of fiscal year 2018.

” Our sales in 2015 surpassed our pre-expansion goals and focuses played a huge part because development. Concentrates appeal to patients due to the fact that they offer discreetness, portability, and consistency when dosing,” mentioned Item 9 Labs CEO Sara Gullickson.” In 2019, we prepare to diversify our product lines further and develop other comfy health options for the modern-day marijuana consumer.”

Concentrates are the fastest growing segment of the cannabis market according to BDS Analytics, and retail sales are predicted to hit $8 billion by 2022.

Item 9 Labs is currently adding a commercial kitchen area for infusion processes to its Arizona growing and processing facility and increasing its plan by 10,000 square-feet. They are also broadening their proprietary THC- and CBD-derived shipment systems, consisting of an intra-nasal device and Apollo Vape Pen and Pod System.

Product 9 Labs owns and runs 50 acres in Southern Arizona, making it one of the biggest homes in the country zoned to grow and cultivate medical marijuana. The business will be operating as licensed dispensaries, growing, and producing facilities in a forecasted 10 states by the end of 2019.

Contact your local dispensary to find Product 9 Labs’ products.