Tucson Mayoral Prospect Proposed a 300% Medical Marijuana Sales Tax

August 13, 2019 by erfa5t8

Tucson Marijuana

 Tucson Cannabis Among Tucson’s mayoral prospects in this year’s main elections is Steve Farley, a former state representative and senator, who, in 2011, attempted to enforce a 300% sales tax on medical cannabis via bill < a href="

https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/1r/bills/hb2557p.htm” target =” _ blank “rel=” noopener noreferrer” > HB2557. If the bill had actually passed, the 300 %tax would’ve suggested that a” $ 2 joint would cost $ 8,” Tucson Weekly reported. Presently, patients acquiring medical marijuana in Tucson pay an 8.7 %tax( state and city).” As the referenced Tucson Weekly article of 2011 explain, my costs was an attempt to start a conversation around correcting the woefully underfunded public health system in Arizona for behavioral and physical health and dependency treatment,” Steve Farley informed AZmarijuana.com. “I listened to my constituents at the time and subsequently withdrew support for my own bill a week later on. For the previous 8 years, and into the future, I oppose additional taxes on MMJ.” Contact Steve Farley to find out more about his objectives as Tucson’s mayor. CLICK ON THIS LINK Success!

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