Watchdog declines to back NHS cannabis treatment for epilepsy

August 8, 2019 by erfa5t8

Medical cannabis can not be approved for use on children with serious epilepsy on the NHS because there is not enough proof to show it assists, a watchdog has ruled. The choice by the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence( Good) disappointed campaigners and moms and dads who say their children will suffer as a result.

In 2015 the law was changed so that the drug could be prescribed legally after the moms and dads of Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, who both have treatment-resistant epilepsy, publicly defied the authorities to bring marijuana oil into the UK.

But physicians have hesitated to prescribe cannabis-based medicines in the UK in spite of the rescheduling of the drug in November, since of the lack of scientific trial evidence of its advantages and safety. Good is calling for more research study.

The watchdog also rejected Sativex, a cannabis-based medication developed for several sclerosis, on the grounds that the price was too expensive. It stated the drug was not cost-effective for the NHS and options need to be utilized instead.

Another cannabis-based drug, nabilone, was recommended in the draft guidance as an add-on treatment for adults with chemotherapy-induced queasiness and throwing up, but just if other standard certified medicines do not work.

Prof Mike Barnes, the chair of the Medical Marijuana Clinicians Society, stated Nice was wrong to wish to examine medical cannabis on the basis of the exact same sort of randomised scientific trials utilized to approve standard medicines.

He stated it had actually “failed to take into account option, legitimate sources of proof” and he declared the Great committee was comprised of individuals with unfavorable views about marijuana. “Those with favorable views were excluded from the procedure,” he said.

Hannah Deacon, whose son Alfie Dingley is among just 2 clients with an NHS prescription, stated she was extremely disappointed. “There are numerous countless people using cannabis-based medicines across the world and it’s having an enormously positive effect on their health,” she stated. “Numerous nations have legalised medical cannabis industries– America, Canada and other G7 countries– they see the evidence is good enough. The UK is demanding reinventing the wheel for no reason and the people who are suffering are clients.”

She stated she was supporting 20 households who were trying to get prescriptions from UK doctors and who might not manage to pay thousands of pounds to travel to Europe monthly to get the medicine illegally.

The MS Society also stated it was bitterly disappointed. “Nice’s rejection to advise marijuana for pain and muscles spasms, or to money Sativex on the NHS, means thousands of individuals with MS will continue to be rejected a reliable treatment,” said Genevieve Edwards, the society’s director of external affairs.

” MS is unrelenting, unpleasant and disabling and yet not a single person with MS has benefited from medicinal marijuana being legalised nine months earlier. The government and the business behind Sativex need to make people with MS a priority. Together with Great, they need to navigate the table right away to make Sativex offered. This depends upon the manufacturers accepting a lower cost for the medication, as right now the expense is totally impractical.”


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Great).



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